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Oral sex risks to your health and love life that you should

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Oral sex risks to your health and love life that you should be aware of before doing it.

Oral sex is oral sex. That may cause infection or the consequences of various diseases if one person has the infection. Even if the mouth is wound Or having a genital lesion, it will increase the risk of contracting the disease even more Today we have a few caveats to keep in mind. Before having oral sex, you should be aware of what you are doing. To avoid problems that may follow Both physically and mentally

The risk of developing cancer is increased.
There are several studies. The study of the causes of oral HPV infection (oral HPV), and the results of such studies differed. Some research indicates HP V can be transmitted from person to person. Through oral sex (Which means using the mouth and the anus Or with the other person's genitals), or even just using the tongue (French kissing), but some studies have found the opposite effect.

So the answer to that question Can HP V be transmitted from person to person? There is still no definite confirmation. But what is certain Long-time couple More likely to transmit HIV to immunity to each other Which means Both parties can both have this infection. Therefore, before oral sex. The possibility should be considered. That you will get cancer (In the throat or mouth) or should have a physical examination for the comfort of both parties.

When to avoid oral sex?

- The physical status of the risks are different. It depends on whether the person with HIV was involved in or was acting on oral sex. If an HIV-infected person receives oral sex Oral sex may be at a higher risk if the oral cavity has sores. But on the other hand, saliva does not carry the virus.

- viral load The risk of contracting HIV will increase. If an infected person has a high viral load The higher the viral load increases the risk of infection as well.

- Ejaculation while doing oral sex Ejaculation of semen in the mouth increases the risk. Because it is considered to spread the virus out

- Wounds that we have wounds, whether it is the mouth, anus, vagina, or that the genitals. They are all possible avenues for HIV infection.

- Menstruation, HIV-infected cells are secreted from the cervix. During menstruation Contact with menstrual blood by mouth may increase the risk of HIV infection.

- urethritis Urethritis causes inflammation and irritation in the urethra. This may increase your chances of HIV infection as well. And especially those with HIV There were studies that were likely to shed the virus. When they also have urethritis

Oral sex is not for everyone.
This may be the opposite of what many people think. That is actually Oral sex is not for everyone. In other words While some people see that Oral sex may be necessary. And indispensable for a married life But at the same time, it may be bad for you. And if you don't feel like doing Feeling bad when it comes to oral sex with your partner. Do not hesitate to talk to your lover. And share your feelings about oral sex with your partner Because there are still lots of things in bed that you and your partner will enjoy. And have fun together It's not just oral sex. And should always keep in mind that Sex should be a great pleasure for both partners. Not following the needs of any one person. Should not be forced Or bring dissatisfaction

Oral sex may strengthen relationships. Or it could ruin the relationship
For adults Making love by mouth is not a strange thing or a forbidden thing. If, but this is normal For the novelty Or a sexual challenge But not all couples Who do this form of sexual activity There will be no worries. Some couples worry about cleanliness. While some couples worry that they are not doing well enough. Or worried that it will be satisfactory to the other party or not That means There are a number of factors that worry couples. About making love by mouth And those worries could bring about future problems. If not handled well and appropriately, then if you think oral sex might be too much. And will destroy the relationship Try other methods in bed that can satisfy both parties.

Oral sex is more popular with younger people.
Oral sex is prevalent among younger people. Than adults, actually, many teenagers revealed that I used to do oral sex before actually having sex. However, oral sex It's just a reason for teenagers. Because many people have experience in this field While in the fiery age Reported feeling uncomfortable And have negative feelings Or even having problems connecting with others

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