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Weight loss, why is it believed that men get thin faster...

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Weight loss, why is it believed that men get thin faster than women?

Weight loss is something that men and women do differently. Which most people tend to believe Men tend to have more advantages in this regard than women. But how is the reality exactly? For the appropriate and correct answer to help lose weight. We have compiled this article to leave each other for both you young and young you try reading.

Men are more muscular
Men tend to be more muscular than women. Especially with the upper body And because muscles burn more energy than fat Men burn 5-10% more energy than women because of having 10 times more testosterone, which increases protein production. And fat-free body weight Which, after which it will help increase the metabolic rate during the break This means that men will burn more energy throughout the day.

Evolutionary factors
Estrogen hormone Will help prepare a woman's body for giving birth And stimulates the desire for sex as well But not good for weight loss at all This hormone, in addition to producing more fat mass than men (6-11%).

A study from the University of New South Wales also found that: Estrogen also decreases the ability to metabolize energy after eating. Which means Women also have better accumulation of fat on their bodies.

Women like to eat sweets.
A study from Brookhaven National Laboratory found that when you see and smell the aroma of pizza and cake, Men are better able to resist than women.

In which women are fascinated by the food that they like Even if someone suggested thinking about something else instead Another study found that Women tend to treat stress by eating. While the men will turn to alcohol.

Men are more fortunate
With the ability to burn energy faster Male bodies therefore respond faster to food. A research study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that when women and men enter a reputable weight loss program,

Like Atkins, Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers, men lose twice as much weight as women. And more than three times the fat after 2 months, but by the sixth month, weight loss will see results. In which men will take the lead a little bit, so if a man continues to gain weight loss programs It will help to see more results.

Fat accumulation in different areas
Women tend to have fat on their buttocks and hips. While men tend to accumulate fat in the stomach area. This will make the results clearly visible when the weight is reduced. But the accumulation of fat in this area can have a much more dangerous effect. Because it will be at a high risk of heart disease. Constricted blood vessels in the brain And some cancers Because it will build up fat in important internal organs But the accumulation of fat in women is less harmful.

Fat reduction techniques for women
Although it is easier for men to lose weight But the woman was just desperate. The best way to encourage your body to burn fat for women. It is resistance exercise. This will help build lean muscle. And because sex makes up for different testosterone.

So women do not have to be afraid that they will have muscles like men. Which if you do not like to exercise in the gym I try doing exercise against your own weight. Like bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups and squats

Why is losing weight a good thing?
This is a good reason That may help both women and men. See the benefits of losing weight more clearly.

- Helps to sleep better
- Helps to balance hormone levels
- improves sex drive
- Helps improve mood
- Helps reduce joint pain
- Helps skin look more radiant.
- Relieve tension
- Helps reduce the chance of having a cold
- Helps to have a better memory

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