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Raising babies is easier with 5 things new mothers should...

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Raising babies is easier with 5 things new mothers should be aware of.

Young generation family Most of them are single families. Live alone When new members arise Most parents are anxious about raising a baby. To the problem and how to deal with what will happen to be helpless. Today we have a way to cope with raising a baby. Let's see what

1.Cut the nails and bleed
How to cope: Always use a baby nail clipper. Cut off after bathing your child Because nails are soft and easy to cut with rubbing alcohol before every cut. To kill germs If a nail cut on the baby's flesh and bleed Wash the wound with soap and put betadine for your child. Wrap the cloth together, put your fingers in the mouth.

2. Choking child, milk, rice or foreign matter
How to cope: before feeding your baby Mothers should check which side of the milk is very tight. The milk should be squeezed out first. Then let the baby suckle Because if the baby is feeding while the breast is very stuffy While the baby sucks the milk is very strong. Until the baby choked the milk For bottle feeding Parents should check the flow of milk. To have the right temperature And flow is not too strong Prevent the child from swallowing and then can choke on milk, children aged 6 months and over must be careful of foreign objects such as buttons, coins, gifts, nuts, candies, sweets that the child may take into his mouth. Affix In the event that the food gets stuck in the throat, how to help initially put the baby on his side? Wrap your fingers out of the cotton cloth or use a red rubber ball. If the choking is severe, bring it to a doctor.

3.Dirt getting into the ears
How to cope: You should not pick ears for your child. Because it will push the dirt into the inner ear Usually the dirt in the ear is naturally excreted by itself. Yellow waxy If there are hard white lumps Should consult a doctor for advice. Should not pick it out on its own. Because it may cause the eardrum to penetrate Otitis media Which affects hearing And blurred speech followed

4. Water enters your ears while you shower.
How to cope: Hold the child on his side. Do not shake your body or turn your head over. Use a rubber ball to suck the water out of the ears and nose. Naturally, the body is able to expel water on its own. Except when the child has a cold There may be waterlogging in the ears. Making the face of the middle ear infection with purulent infection until the eardrum can penetrate

5.The water is too hot
How to handle it: Before you use hot water on your child. Either it is milk or hot water. Always check first. That it is not too hot Because it may burn the mouth and scald the body, some first aid methods when the child is scalded by hot water Hurried to bring the child out of the water Use a towel to dry the water. The diapers are wrapped loosely. If there is a blistering wound, get medical attention immediately.

Advice for raising a baby

Carrying the child should also support the neck. Because the muscles and bones of the neck of the baby are not strong, sleep should be best sleep on your back.

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Keeping your baby safe from potential dangers It can only be done by parents who understand the nature of the child. Parenting will be easy. Sluggishness may occur But don't panic, just be conscious, everything has a solution for sure.
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