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5 real experiences Of people surviving from diabetes

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Survival health experience from diabetes
Diabetes is a behavioral disease. Especially eating wrong and lack of exercise Although genetics is a joker game factor in the disease, but if you take good care of your health On the contrary, people with diabetes may not suffer from diabetes. Even without this genetic disease But living the wrong life is sick with diabetes in a row, so when diabetes is threatened Behavior modification is therefore the deadliest to help fight diabetes. And here are 5 experiences that homeopathic wants to share for all people with diabetes. Encouraged to stand up to revolutionize myself to overcome diabetes together

Eat organic food to conquer diabetes.
Going back 6-7 years ago, Auntie Paew was very stubborn with the death of a type of diabetes that gave her life at stake. Just ask to eat as you please.
"The first time I was diagnosed with diabetes At the time, he was over 72 kilograms. The doctor said I was on a diet, so we wouldn't. Tell the doctor I couldn't. Because in the morning we have to eat all the food, followed by the patongko dessert, komkrok cake. Side dish also likes fried food. Like to eat pork belly Fish can't eat vegetables, they can't eat. All food must be ordered special, ordinary water, no water, no drink. Drink only sweet and soft drinks "

With her hard-core eating habits and she didn't think to change her behavior, Aunt Paew went into a coma one day.

“That day I woke up in the morning, I felt very dizzy, vomited with urine, poured my kids to the doctor, checked for sugar to 200, and found that there was fatty liver and hepatitis. The doctor gave the medicine to eat Which later the amount of the drug continued to increase But still can't control Until having to inject insulin into the abdomen every morning and evening. "
Even after receiving a large amount of medicine, it did not improve Aunt Paew's symptoms. She still has dizziness. Being exhausted and exhausted until doing nothing Until someone recommended treatment according to nature
"Until then, we gave everything. Because of very poor health There is a lot of miserable symptoms. At that time I had the strength to change myself. Turned to cook for themselves Eat all organic food Both brown rice, vegetables, fish must be natural fish. Do not eat cultured fish, refrain from fried, fry, grill, reduce the use of oil. Focus on boiled and steamed food If fried, use water instead of unseasoned oil and turn back to drink water.

"From the original that couldn't eat vegetables When trying to eat organic vegetables, you can eat more vegetables. Because the vegetables taste good Like kale, when before buying in the market to eat, I don't like it because I feel the smell of chemicals. Now it has become like eating almost all kinds of vegetables, focusing on green leafy vegetables. And also make your own vegetable smoothie as well "

Diabetes health experience Recovered from diabetes

Aunt Peaw also learned that Food portions are also important in keeping diabetes under control.

"Even if we eat brown rice But must eat in the right proportions Change to eat 1 ladle per meal, enough to focus on eating a lot of vegetables, eating vegetables, chili paste and fish, sour soup with mixed vegetables is a menu that you cook yourself on a regular basis. Organic food is eaten to make it more energetic and energetic. Even though the price is a bit high, we can actually experience the change in health. "
In addition to dieting, Aunt Paew, 59, also exercises by regularly aerobic exercise, so that within 6 months she can control sugar and weight until she does not need diabetes medication. Plus also has a shape that is proportionate, beautiful, brighter than before And overall health improved in all aspects
"Now the weight is reduced to 55 kilograms, the sugar value is 103-108, so you don't need to take medicine. You don't need to inject any more. "
Aunt Paew's story shows that We can eat natural food as medicine. If you know how to choose to eat according to your own physical condition
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