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Heart disease symptoms Know it, don't risk it

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Heart disease symptoms are something that should not be ignored. Because it is a serious disease that affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system Life-threatening Knowing the key signs of heart disease can help you deal with it in a timely manner and reduce your health risks.

Early heart disease symptoms

Heart disease often presents warning signs before the onset of severe symptoms. People at high risk of developing this disease, such as diabetics. People with high blood pressure Should be observed any unusual symptoms in the beginning. Heart disease symptoms are often unstable and intermittent and can be confusing with other diseases.
Pain in the neck, jaw, and upper body
Difficulty breathing after doing moderate-physical activity, such as stairs walking, gardening, and water exercise.
Chest pain, squeezing, or discomfort in the chest for 30 minutes up to a few hours.
Abnormally slow or fast heartbeat Heart arrhythmia
Dizziness, fainting
Shortness of breath
Feeling cold or limp
Limbs are pain, swelling, or numbness.
Severe exhaustion
In addition, heart disease caused by a heart infection may lead to other symptoms such as dry cough, fever, skin rash, etc.

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Heart disease symptoms that should be careful

For patients diagnosed with heart disease The symptoms should be monitored closely. If you see any of the following important signs, you should see a doctor for a detailed diagnosis.
Unusual exhaustion that cannot perform daily activities
Has problems with breathing during activities or even at rest
Pain or tightness in the chest during various activities and gets better with rest
Abnormally fast heartbeat Or an irregular heartbeat
An infection of the respiratory tract Or have a severe cough
Have trouble sleeping, such as insomnia or insomnia
Feeling restless or lightheaded
Have frequent dizziness or lightheadedness
Having stomach cramps, nausea, no appetite
Urinating less

When should I see my doctor?

If the symptoms of heart disease are worsening or unusual for an unknown cause. Patients or close people should seek emergency medical attention. This is because it can be a sign of a heart attack that, if not treated promptly, can have life-threatening consequences. These symptoms include
Shortness of breath, either during activity, at rest, or even while sleeping Which becomes harder to breathe when lying on your back Resulting in disrupting sleep until waking up in the middle of the night And often feel tired when waking up in the morning
Persistent coughing or wheezing With sputum that is white or pink when coughing Caused by fluid retention in the lungs This is because the heart cannot pump the blood that comes back from the lungs.
Swelling of your feet, ankles, legs, stomach, or unexplained weight gain
Loss of appetite and nausea As well as may have symptoms of abdominal tightness together Because less blood flows to the digestive system.
Exhaustion, unusual exhaustion This is a result of the heart's malfunction and the inability to pump enough blood to the body.
There are symptoms of stupor and impaired thinking, such as lack of concentration, confusion, etc. due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.
An abnormally fast heartbeat greater than 150 beats per minute, or accompanied by palpitations Because the heart has to work harder

What is heart disease?

Heart disease occurs for many reasons. But most of them are caused by coronary artery thrombosis. This is because there are certain types of cholesterol, fats and minerals that cling together or stick to the blood vessels It prevents the blood from transporting enough oxygen and vital nutrients to the heart. As it happens for a long time, the heart begins to deteriorate and eventually become damaged.
However, heart disease can be prevented by avoiding various risk factors, such as eating healthy foods. Avoid foods with high cholesterol and bad fats. Exercise regularly Weight control Regulates blood pressure Cut down on smoking and alcohol consumption. They should also know how to deal with stress. Not only do these behaviors improve heart health. But also good for overall health
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