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Basic car care That car lovers must know

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The story that people with cars do not know. With easy basic car maintenance methods, do it yourself There are points that need to be taken care of and always check the checks to extend the life of your car.

The basics of having a car That is to maintain the car in a condition that is always ready for use. Are there any important points that need special care? joker123 is compiled to provide basic car care methods to preserve the life of your car. Let's see if you have followed these methods or not? With tips and precautions

# 1. Engine oil level
Checking the engine oil level Warm the engine to operating temperature and turn off the engine. Check the engine oil level using the dipstick.
Check the oil level with the dipstick.

In order to make the checks correct The car should be in the level, the engine is still hot. And measured 2-3 minutes after turning off the engine to allow the engine oil to flow back down first
Pull out the dipstick. Check the engine oil attached to the dipstick with a cloth.
Insert the dipstick back to its original point.
Pull the probe out one more time. To check the oil level at the tip of the dipstick If the engine oil level is between "F" and "L", then the engine oil level is normal.

Avoid adding too much oil as this can damage your engine.
Check the oil level on the dipstick again after filling. Oil into the engine
# 2. Coolant
Always check the coolant level in Full level by checking the engine while the engine is off and cool. If the water level drops a lot It may be one of the problems that may occur. Which is absolutely necessary To consider the cause Or take the vehicle into a service center To check the cause (Don't forget to add water before taking the car)

# 3.Battery distilled water level
Battery distilled water should be checked to be in the UPPER / LEVEL position and should not be added more than the UPPER / LEVEL level because if too much is added, the electrolyte solution which is a sulfuric acid solution will dilute the efficiency. In addition, the electrolyte fluid may splash out through the vapor vent holes and corrode components. In the engine room

Close the lid, fill with distilled water tightly.
Tighten the positive and negative battery terminals.
The battery is firmly fixed to the stand.
# 4. Brake fluid level
Should be examined visually Take a look at the brake fluid reservoir with the words MAX and MIN. The brake fluid level should always be at the MAX level. Which resulted in the amount of brake fluid in the brake fluid gearbox to be reduced, there are 2 things which are
There is a leak of brake fluid from the brake system.
Brake pad wear The brake fluid level will drop less and slowly. In this case, brake fluid does not need to be added if the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir is found to drop rapidly. The vehicle should be brought to a service center to check the cause.
# 5. Clutch oil level
Should be examined visually Note that the clutch oil tank will have the words MAX and MIN, the clutch oil level. Should always be at the MAX level, if found Clutch oil in the gearbox is lowered. Should bring the vehicle to a service center to check for the cause

# 6. AUTO transmission oil level
Should check while the engine is stuck By pulling out the AUTO gear oil dipstick, check the gear oil. With a cloth stick And insert a dipstick Return gear oil to its original point. Pull the probe out one more time. To check the gear oil level at the end of the dipstick If the oil level The gear is on the F mark, indicating that the oil level is normal.

# 7.Check the oil level POWER
Should check while the engine is stuck By turning the lid of the POWER oil tank, it will be attached to the lid of the POWER oil tank on the dipstick there will be the words HOT and COLD on each side.If it is a new model, look at the POWER oil tank. It is clear plastic. On the gearbox, there will be the words HOT and COLD on each side, and there is a limit of MAX and MIN levels, the POWER oil level should always be at the MAX level, if you look at the engine cool, look at the COLD side and if you look at the engine hot, see the HOT side.

# 8.Check the condition of the belt
By the way, look at the belt if cracks occur. Should be replaced early. In order to use the car safely In addition, it should check the tension. Of the belt with By pressing your finger on the middle belt. Between the two flywheels If you can press down slightly about 10 mm, it would be okay. (If unsure, should have a technician check Because the examination by such method The inspectors must have some expertise.)

# 9. Check the condition inside the engine room.
By way of looking around inside the engine room Note that Is there anything wrong or not, such as the radiator hose with water stains or not, the wiring in the engine compartment is good or not. Has there been a rat bite or not, has the engine oil leaked or not, etc.

# 10.Check the lighting system And various signal lights
Turn on all the lights to see if they work normally or not. Are there any lamps that are not on? If found that there are no lights, they should be replaced. To stay ready for use Or take the vehicle into a service center to check

# 11.Check the wipers
Wiper rubber when used for a while. May have deteriorated Due to these reasons, the distal contact surface is worn. From the normal operation of the blade
There is fine dirt and sandstone between the blade and the glass, causing the wiper rubber to wear out.
When the wiper blades have been used for a long time The wiper rubber will harden, the elasticity will decrease. And the defect in A flick will take place Due to poor contact between the wiper rubber and the windshield, as well as may be caused by the wiper blades, shaking, dancing or other symptoms If these symptoms are found, the wiper rubber should be replaced.
# 12.Check the tires
Always check the tire pressure using the tire pressure specified by the manufacturer. And should check while the car Not in use (tires are not hot) if the tires are abnormally soft. Should be taken to check that Do you have nails? See the condition of the rubber with eyes. Look at the surface of the tire has small cracks? Look at the tread wear. That is, the tread is worn too much or not? Or unusual wear such as deep in the middle of the tread (Too much inflated) only the rubber bead wear on both sides (too weak tire) or worn on one side, etc., in these cases Should consult a technician because there should be a check of the suspension and wheel alignment, press the fingernail. That the rubber texture is soft or hard, if the tires are worn out The rubber will not press down, will be very hard.

How often should I take care of my car with all these methods?

The answer is: depending on your car that is new or old and how it looks. If it is a new car Do it once a week is enough. But if it is an old car in bad condition, it may have to be done every day.

Precautions for maintaining the car by yourself First of all, be sure The precautions given in this section have been followed correctly. Otherwise it will cause problems. The instructions in this section apply. Specialized in car maintenance Only parts that are easy to maintain, any operation Regarding your car, you should be careful. In order not to cause an accident, follow the instructions or warnings as follows.

While the engine is running Be careful not to let your hands, clothing, and tools get near the propeller. And engine drive belt (should remove ring, watch and tie before repair)
After using the vehicle, be careful not to touch the engine, radiator and muffler. Because of the heat of these things
Don't smoke Near fuel Because fuel vapor is highly flammable.
Be careful of the dangers of acid water. And acid steam from the battery When working with batteries
Do not get under the car with only a support jack. You should use a support stand first.
Use eye protection while working in the presence of objects that may fall. Liquid has been sprayed or splashed out, whether on or under the vehicle.
Be careful when adding brake fluid. Because brake fluid is harmful to your eyes. And damage the paint of the car, if brake fluid splashed into the eyes or hit the car paint, rinse with clean water immediately.
Remember that the battery and ignition cables are very high current or voltage. Must be careful not to cause a short circuit
Before closing the hood Make sure that Not forgetting tools and equipment
If you make various oils Splashed onto various parts Immediately rinse with clean water to protect parts. Or damage color
Do not add too much oil to the automatic transmission. Otherwise the transmission may be damaged.
Do not overfill the power steering fluid. Otherwise the power steering system may be damaged.
And all this is how basic car maintenance is. Love the car properly Take care to be in the right spot It may seem that there are many points that need to be attentive. Both the precautions and the precautions But in order to keep your car ready for use. And extend the life of the car to be with you for a long time, and how to take care of every car in all ways, it is easy that you do not have to go to the garage, you can maintain it by yourself.
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